Welcome to Medan – A Cape Town Tour Operator

We'll arrange your stay down to the last detail

Welcome to Medan

As a Cape Town based in-bound tour operator, we aim to use our knowledge of South Africa to provide you, our client, with a tailor made package to suit your specific and unique requirements.

From the moment we meet and greet you on Cape Town International airport we will make you feel at home in our beautiful city and our country, South Africa. From then onwards we will endeavour to live up to our mission, ‘Taking care of your destination’.

We recognize that some of our clients prefer a more personal experience when exploring our beautiful country. One of the best ways to experience Cape Town and other parts of South Africa is by having a private tour arranged.

Our services include:

  • Airport shuttles/transfers
  • Destination packages to pre-selected locations
  • Private tours which we put together according to your specific requests
  • Concierge services to business people visiting the city
  • Assistance with accommodation and other arrangements

We will gladly assist you and guide you to plan the best personalized tour or package for you.

Please contact our friendly consultants to find out more about our services and tour options.